DIY Power Rack - Homemade GYM

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Here it is, I documented as much as I could about this build and packed it into 19 pages along with a video on YouTube. Before buying this set of plans, please read this complete description so that you have a good understanding of what’s involved here.

What’s include:

  • A downloadable PDF
  • Dual dimensions (inches and millimeter)
  • A Cutting list
  • Material list
  • Labeled parts
  • Step by step instructions to guide you from start to finish
  • You can also you this video as a form of reference

I did not put a ton of time into researching and comparing this from a professional one I like to build. If you are a DIYer you may feel the same. 

As far as the investment, I do not have an exact cost since I used things I had on hand. However, I do have a number that is close enough.

  • Plywood and 2X6 lumber: $113
  • Hardware-based on what I used: $250

This can be built even cheaper, depending on the hardware you use. Galvanized pipes parts are pretty pricey. They drive the price up, but you can shop around or substitute the parts I’ve used. Keep in mind the way this is built; it’s made to be taken apart. This way, you can take it anywhere. So if you want to build as one prominent fixture, it’s going to be a lot cheaper.

This rack will provide more potential when I start making additional attachments for it.

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DIY Power Rack - Homemade GYM

17 ratings
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